Kaladze: Medical Expenses of Injured to be Covered by Tbilisi Municipality

Medical expenses for those injured during the incident at Varketili Metro station, Tbilisi, this morning, when a part of the ceiling collapsed in the tunnel of the metro station, will be covered by Tbilisi Municipality and the Ministry of Health, as Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze announced during the briefing. 

“This metro station was refurbished recently and what we’re seeing now is the irresponsibility of the company in charge of the restoration works,” Kakha Kaladze said, noting that the restoration works were done by a company named “Kvareli Remmsheni” with a total amount of 347,852 GEL spent on the Varketili metro station refurbishments. The restoration works, according to Kakha Kaladze, started in 2016 and were finalized in August of 2017, the renovated metro station started to function in September 2017. As the Tbilisi Mayor stated, there are questions to be answered in a timely manner on why the incident happened, and since the investigation into the cause haa already started, everyone involved will take full responsibility for their actions. 

“We are examining all the buildings in Tbilisi, the kindergartens, sports complexes, metro stations in great detail; unfortunately, we have seen unsatisfactory work done, and we’re monitoring the situation, and we’ll be paying particular attention to the quality of refurbishment and construction work, both for buildings that are already in operation, as well as the upcoming ones” Kaladze said.

By Nino Gugunishvili

30 January 2018 16:33