Georgia’s Minister of Economy Opens Extended Enterprise

The first Vice-Premier, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Dimitry Kumsishvili, has opened an extended enterprise in Tbilisi, financed by the state program ‘Produce in Georgia.’

The Ministry reports that Dream Ltd, which previously engaged in the import and sale of building and repair materials, has set up its own wood and metal door enterprise with the support of the program Produce in Georgia, and is now rolling out its own production under the name Megadoors.

Currently, 42 people are employed in the factory, yet, with the increase in productivity, the company plans to create an additional 20 new jobs by the end of the year.

The enterprise boasts modern equipment and claims to be the leader in its segment, producing for the local market.

At this stage, the company manufactures more than 100 types of high quality wood, MDF and metal door, and individual orders are also accepted. According to the Ministry of Economy, the current production capacity of the company is 2,000 items per month, but in the near future, the volume of production is expected to double, allowing the company to export products to Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

“This is a very high-standard enterprise, producing ecologically friendly doors. It is important that the materials used in manufacture are of European quality,” the Minister of Economy stated, adding that the company enjoys all the benefits of the state-led program. He noted that it had received a 5.184 m2 plot from the National Agency of State Property for a symbolic price of GEL 1 for construction of the enterprise.

“The company uses the financial and infrastructure component within the program Produce Georgia, which means that in the first two years, the interest of the company’s loan will be co-financed by ‘LEPL Produce in Georgia,’” Kumsishvili explained.

The owner of the enterprise, Raul Gabaidze, said that for years they were importing doors from China and Turkey.

“We decided to substitute imported production with locally-made doors, manufactured by us. The support from the State was a great motivation,” he added.

Thea Morrison

29 January 2018 17:47