Vinotel Wins Best Luxury Small Hotel in Eastern Europe Award

Luxury boutique hotel Vinotel recently won the Best Luxury Small Hotel in Eastern Europe Award at an annual award ceremony held in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The event was the 11th such ceremony celebrating the hospitality sector, organized by the British ‘World Luxury Hotels Award Organization,’ which brought together 2000 nominees from around 80 countries worldwide.

While the award category was determined by country, regional and global level, Vinotel was the only one to receive an international, regional award from Georgia. It won Best Luxury Small Hotel Award as a regional winner from Eastern Europe, in “recognition of a sustained commitment to excellence in hoteliering and outstanding achievement in the international luxury hospitality industry,” - the award reads.

Already open three years, the hotel is located within a historic building which is a classic example of traditional Tbilisi architecture, in the old part of the capital city on the left embarkment of the Mtkvari River at the gateway of the old Avlabari district.

Vinotel is frequented by numerous high-profile guests, artists, and international political and business figures.


There are 13 guest rooms and a restaurant with five separate chambers, each featuring a unique style, from the main hall, winetasting chamber with its oval oak bar table, and traditional chamber in an arched brick wine cellar, to a formal dining hall with a French fireplace for business dinners and a green terrace overlooked by an old church, another fine example of the hotel’s connection with history as it at the same time presents all modern comforts.

“The Vinotel concept is exceptional and unique,” Nanuka Chanturia, Vinotel CEO, tells us. “It’s designed to represent the long, rich hospitality traditions of our country, and the history of winemaking, strengthened with the relevant expertise. As with the geographical location of Georgia, Vinotel also harmoniously combines the European and Asian styles allowing our guests a real taste of true Georgia. Vinotel leaves everyone satisfied, from tourists to businessmen and high-ranking officials. VINOTEL was made a 2017 Travelers’ Choice Award Winner by Tripadvisor, based on reviews and opinions from millions of travelers,” she says.

As well as offering traditional Georgian cuisine to guests, Vinotel also offers them the chance to taste a selection of some of the finest Georgian wines from both small Georgian wineries and the well-known Georgian wine brands.

As the Vinotel CEO notes, the unique concept and style of the hotel is based on its offering everything that is natural to visitors, from its wines, to its warm, “living” environment, with all construction materials used natural, the hotel walls hand-painted and even latex mattresses in the rooms being hand made.

“We’ve discovered that clients are very perceptive, and we’ve managed to make Vinotel comfortable for all possible visitors, no matter their rank,” Chanturia says. “We’ve made sure they’ll feel at home while enjoying healthy products and healthy wine, accompanied by the sounds of Georgian folk music. Our prices are tailored to any segment and adjusted to any budget, and we take serious note of all feedback given by guests with the aim to constantly upgrade our services.”

“I believe that in unique concept and high-quality service, Vinotel is the first of its kind in Georgia, and it well-deserved the Best Luxury Small Hotel Award won in Switzerland in December. This is not just Vinotel’s success: this is a success for our country, Georgia, which is taking huge strides towards developing its hospitality industry. Of course, we at Vinotel are also a part of this sphere, and it’s a great responsibility for us. Georgia hosted 7 million tourists in 2017 and for all hotels it serves as a motivation to improve services and establish new, better standards. In the long-term perspective, this will without doubt assist to tourism development in Georgia,” the Vinotel CEO concluded.

Nino Gugunishvili

29 January 2018 17:35