Georgian Sumo-Wrestler Wins Grand Tournament in Tokyo

Georgian Sumo Wrestler Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi (born Levan Gorgadze) has won his first competition in the sports grand tournament.

Tochinoshin won yesterday, Saturday 14January, in Tokyo, Japan. The tournament, which lasted 15 days, has seen the Georgian born wrestler win on 14 out of the 15 days.

He is the first Georgian sumo wrestler to win the title. 

Tochinoshin. From Mskheta, is a member of the Kasugano stable group, and made his professional debut in March 2006. He reached the top five division just two years later, in May 2008.

The 30-year-old wrestler previously competed ‘sambo’, a Russian martial art form, before coming to Japan.

Previously world champions in the specialist sport were from Estonia, Bulgaria and the US.

Image source: Japan Times 

By Tamzin Whitewood

28 January 2018 12:48