Tbilisi Mayor’s Office Starts Mandatory Registration of Taxis

Tbilisi City Hall is going to launch compulsory registration of taxis, which means that people who want to be taxi drivers will have to apply for a special permit from Tbilisi City Hall.

At the City Hall Wednesday Session, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze stated that the residents of Tbilisi and visitors to the capital deserve a high-quality, safe and comfortable taxi service.

He believes the upcoming changes will also go some way to solving the issue of traffic jams.

“Another novelty in the development of a very important transport system is to improve the quality of the taxi service and gradually establish certain standards,” he said, adding that the changes will be introduced gradually.

“Tbilisi is set to become healthy, free from traffic jams and a city full of life,” Kaladze added.

The Mayor also said that transit movement in Tbilisi is prohibited but some drivers violate the law and choose to pay the fines rather take another route. To avoid this, the Mayor’s Office is going to increase the transit movement fine up to GEL 500.

“This is already envisaged in the package of legislative amendments developed by Parliament,” Kaladze said.

By Thea Morrison


24 January 2018 18:14