China's Supplies Goods to Europe via Azerbaijan, Resht-Astara Moves Forward

The urban district of Ürümqi in the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region of China, has begun deliveries of cargo through the territory of Azerbaijan to Europe.

The first freight train, carrying engineering equipment and other goods, has left Urumqi and is to come to Europe via the East-West transport corridor and will stop at the port of Kazakhstan, after which the cargo will be delivered to Baku, and then to Europe by sea. The total length of the route will be 4,186 kilometers. The cargo will be delivered from China to Europe in eight days.

The media reported that in 2018, 1,400 trains with cargo will be sent from Urumqi to Europe. According to the China Railway Corporation, last year more than 3,000 carrying various cargo were delivered from China to Europe, and this year their number is planned to increase to 4,000.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan and Iran are to jointly finance the railway of Resht-Astara in northern Iran on a parity basis, reports Iranian Deputy Minister of Roads, Asgar Kashan.

“Each of the two countries will provide 50% of the necessary investment for the construction of the railway. Azerbaijan will contribute $500 million to the project,” he said.

The Deputy Minister also informed that the next section of the Rasht-Qazvin railway can be opened within the next three months.

The sites of Resht-Astara and Resht-Qazvin are important parts of the international transport corridor “North-South,” designed to connect Northern Europe with India and South-East Asia through the territories of Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

Dimitri Dolaberidze

22 January 2018 19:04