The Guardian: England Rugby Coach Plans Training in Tbilisi

The Guardian has printed an article in relation to Rugby training in Georgia, with the headline "Eddie Jones has Georgia in mind to root out weak from England's pack"

Eddie Jones, Coach of England's national Rugby team, has suggested a period of training in Georgia's capital, and is quoted as saying he "plans fearsome training battle in Tbilisi during Six Nations to test forwards against world’s finest scrummagers"

The article, published in the UK-based newspapers website, explains that Tbilisi would be a great choice of location for training due to its winter climate, and that players may have become too used to the training conditions in hotter countries such as Portugal.

"We have got a couple of fallow weeks in the Six Nations and we have plans. Tbilisi is a nice place at this time of year. It is cold and we could potentially do that. It has great red wine and the meat is good. They have a massive scrum and the strongest pack in the world. Babies there are born with beards. We are just planning at the moment: we also have a good relationship with Scotland, Wales and Italy; don’t know about Ireland. We are looking at improving our training and getting a higher quality of opposition. And travel makes it tougher" - Jones is reported to have said.

This news further backs-up the fact that Georgia is becoming world-renowned for their Rugby team, with debates on-going as to whether the national team will have a chance to join the six-nations.

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By Tamzin Whitewood



22 January 2018 12:56