World Health Organization Recommends Suspension of Rabies Vaccine

An inquiry has revealed that the World Health Organization recommended the suspension of a specific vaccine against rabies, with up to 29,000 doses of the vaccine to be withdrawn. Yet, Georgia’s State Audit Office has publicly stated that there is nothing to be concerned about.

In an official press release, the Audit Office said that, “This fact is one of the reasons for including the audit of the immunization program in the Audit Plan 2018. The State Audit Office considered it necessary to study the implementation of the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization. After the publication of the Audit Plan 2018, a work meeting was held between the State Audit Office and the Ministry, where the Ministry presented various arguments and evidence, including the quality of the anti-rabies vaccine. The State Audit Office does not doubt the state immunization program, including the vaccine against rabies."

Some Georgian media reports have suggested that this information was taken out of proportion and that the facts remain blurry; but with Georgia’s Audit Office standing firm on the country’s vaccination program, it seems there is little to worry about.

Tamzin Whitewood

18 January 2018 16:45