Former Tbilisi Mayoral Candidate Elisashvili to Run for President

Former Tbilisi mayoral candidate, Alexander Elisashvili, who came second in the October 2017 mayoral race after the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) candidate and current mayor Kakha Kaladze, says he will run in the Presidential elections in October 2018.

Elisashvili made the statement in his interview with the Palitranews program 360 Degrees.

Elisashvili said he is going to form a social-political movement, which will be different from any political force in Georgia.

“I am going to pay several visits abroad, as international organizations expressed their desire to meet me after the municipal elections. After that I plan to establish a socio-political movement,” he stated.

The politician said that Georgia needs a real political force that will “take the country out of the its current climate.”

Elisashvili underlined that the new movement will not be merely on his views.

"I do not agree with the parties’ dependant only on the decisions of one person,” he added.

Alexander Elisashvili is a former member of Tbilisi City Council. He quit the council ahead of the October 2017 municipal elections to run for Tbilisi Mayor. He has also been very actively involved in Tbilisi life, especially when it comes to environmental issues and fighting corruption.

By Thea Morrison



12 January 2018 12:23