Bloomberg Includes Georgia in List of 22 Countries to Visit in 2018

Bloomberg has included Georgia into its list of 22 destinations to visit this year. The article says that Georgia’s capital Tbilisi has been destroyed and rebuilt more than 29 times. It also reads that Tbilisi’s resilient spirit and creative energy have earned the city comparisons to Berlin in the mid-nought’s, before it was widely known as an edgy nightlife capital.

“Influences from times under the Persian Empire and the Soviet Union have left distinct marks on the country’s culture, most notably in its vegetarian-friendly cuisine, such as the cheese-filled khachapuri pie,” Bloomberg says.

The article also reads that Georgia is said to be the birthplace of viticulture, with production of strong, antioxidant-packed orange varietals spanning 8,000 years. 

“Take advantage of great weather in the spring (April through early June)—or peak harvest season in September and October, when local dishes, such as phkali, a spread made of minced vegetables and ground walnuts, are at their best,” the article recommends its readers.

By Thea Morrison

04 January 2018 00:23