Smart Street Cameras Detect 31.377 Traffic Violations in November

The smart surveillance street cameras have detected 31.377 traffic violations in Georgia between the period of November 1-December 1, 2017.

Around 13,581 video penalties imposed on drivers have already been paid. 8,625 penalties were paid in 10 days and the drivers enjoyed a 20% discount.

In total, there are 61 smart cameras around the country. 5,698 violations were detected by one smart camera alone in Gori, mainly for speeding.

In November, 1,275 violations were observed by 9 cameras in Adjara; 6,441 penalties were issued with 3 cameras in Shida Kartli; in Imereti, 14 cameras recorded 5,288 violations; one camera detected 4 violations in Kakheti; 62 violations were observed by 1 camera in Mtskheta-Mtianeti, while 33 cameras installed in Tbilisi detected 18,307 violations.

The smart cameras were launched son November 1, 2017. Around 3,000 smart street cameras are planned to be installed in the major cities of Georgia.

Drivers are usually notified of penalties received by means of a text message on their phone. If the driver does not pay, the penalties issued will be sent to the car owner’s registered address twice, after which a fine is added. 

Penalties are also published on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), with drivers given one month to pay. If the driver pays the fine within 10 days, the amount will be reduced by 20%. 

The fines for violations detected by smart cameras do not affect the 100-point driving license system initiated earlier this year. 

Smart cameras are very sensitive. They automatically catch all kinds of violations and immediately identify the owner of the car. The information is transferred to another linked program that writes protocols. No people are required in the functioning of this process.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA) installed these cameras in order to reduce road accidents, which have significantly increased in recent years.

By Thea Morrison


03 January 2018 12:10