Georgian President Pardons 187 Prisoners Before New Year

The head of the pardoning commission, Zviad Koridze, said that only 123 of those will actually leave the prisons at this point, while the other 64 will likely have their sentences reduced.

Among the pardoned prisoners are 12 women, 8 of whom will leave prison immediately and four of whom will be granted reduced sentences.

Moreover, three inmates among the pardoned ones are juveniles and one of them will immediately leave the prison.

Koridze said the President believes that the inmates should be given the opportunity to start new lives.

The decision was made during the Pardoning Commission’s December session, held between the 14th and 24th. A total of 1182 cases were discussed.

The president’s pardoning commission is composed of ten people. Members are mostly lawyers from the civil sector and public figures, alongside the Public Defender and the Georgian Patriarchate.

The commission discusses all cases sent before it by inmates or their families, and makes the initial decision as to which prisoners seem to deserve a pardon. That list is then sent to the President for approval.

The President himself is the only person authorized to grant pardons in Georgia.

By Thea Morrison


28 December 2017 08:54