PASHA Bank Funds Planting of 2018 Trees within ‘Aghadgine’ Campaign

As a New Year gift for its partners, PASHA Bank is to plant 2018 trees as part of the ‘Aghadgine’ campaign that aims to recover the burnt territory of Borjomi forest.

“In 2017, PASHA Bank initiated and participated in several environmental-friendly projects,” said Anano Korkia, Head of PR and Marketing Department at PASHA Bank.

Last year we congratulated our partners on the New Year by planting 2017 Georgian Pine Trees in damaged territory near Borjomi. As the feedback we received was uniformly positive, it encouraged us to stay on course, and this year to once again join the ‘Aghadgine’ campaign and fund the planting of 2018 trees. We truly hope that our partners will enjoy this gift.”

Below is the list of environmental projects carried out by PASHA Bank:

• Initiation of a project aiming at collecting paper for recycling, where companies donate used paper and in return for each kilogram, 13 Tetris are transferred to the ‘Aghadgine’ campaign;

• 1,000 Georgian Oak (Quercus Iberica) and Imeretian Oak (Quercus Imeretina) trees were planted in the Ajameti Managed Reserve, the latter being on the Red List of threatened plant species;

• An additional 500 trees planted in the scope of Aghadgine near Borjomi, before which PASHA Bank had already planted 2017 trees in the area that was destroyed by fire in 2008;

• Support of the green project by Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador carried out in Kondoli village (Telavi region, Kakheti), which implied planting trees in the school yard, building a playground and formation of an eco-club;

• Donation of Caucasian Fir trees to 10 schools in Tbilisi in the scope of GEORGIA TODAY’s CSR project on International Children’s Day, June 1.

27 December 2017 18:21