Citizens Near Occupied Line to Receive 200 GEL Winter Heating Allowance

People living near the Russian occupation line will be given a heating allowance of 200 GEL to cover the winter months. 

Office of Georgia’s Minister of Reconciliation and Civil Equality said that the money will come from the Government Reserve Fund. 

It is estimated that around 12,000 people will receive the allowance, said State Minister Ketevan Tsikhelashvili. 

Tsikhelashvili added that in previous years, the money was used to buy wood, but now that more homes are connected to gas lines, the money will go on the cost of gas. 

The allowance has been allocated to those villages since 2013, so far the total amount since then has been almost 9.5M GEL.

By Tom Day

27 December 2017 14:52