Tbilisi Global Fashion Capital: Latest Labels & Promising Designers at Showroom

Over recent years, Georgia has evolved in many fields and the fashion industry is no exception. Hailed as the clubbing center of Eastern Europe, Tbilisi has also been recognized as one of the leading fashion scenes, with a number of emerging designers and labels. Now buyers and fashion lovers need no longer search for unique, trendy and tasteful outfits abroad, with such a big variety of individual and chic labels right here, in Georgia.

From December 20 to 31, in relation to the New Year, Tbilisi Fashion Week has organized a showroom in the newly opened shopping center, Galleria. Presented at the venue are the participants of Tbilisi Fashion Week as well as the partner designers of the event. Various local brands and young Georgian designers are putting their autumn/winter collections, made especially for the New Year, on show. Potential customers have a wonderful opportunity to explore Georgian fashion and purchase clothes, shoes, handmade bags and different kinds of accessories for a special price.

The labels presented at the venue are: Person, Mariam Gvasalia, Atelier 27, CO.MODE, CO.LAB, Sopo Iosebidze, NT-style, NO ONE, M.G., Shavdia, Mari Zet Handmade, Makratelli, Katrine, SaliO Abuseridze, ART salon "Lika", Besiki22, Ani Titvinidze, Anishko, Atelie Naka.

‘What looks good is your personality,’ is the chief motto of Person, a Georgian clothing brand founded two years ago by two different persons sharing same views.

“Person offers its customers the ‘street style;’ completely free and unique clothes,” Keti Topuridze, co-founder of ‘Person,’ told GEORGIATODAY. “The label manufactures outfits for women and men, as well as unisex items. The core principles on which the brand stands are freedom of expression and individualism. Within two years, the label has managed to move from online to offline sales. Stalls selling Person products can be found in three shopping centers in Tbilisi and we have shown our products at various music festivals throughout Georgia.”

On can find robust, sparkling, bright, colorful, oversized jackets, refined dresses, vintage pieces and extravagant shoes, all in one place: a true example of the creativity flourishing here, and a demonstration that Tbilisi is becoming a real fashion hotspot in the modern world.

After selecting an outfit, you can pair your chosen look with handmade jewelry and accessories produced by the brand Anishko.

“We produce various kinds of accessories, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches and bags,” said designer and founder Ani Tevdoradze. “Our products are made from real leather, natural stones, metal and silver. The label has been on the market for three years now. Besides shopping centers, our products are often presented at fashion weeks and various exhibitions.”

Another interesting and eye-catching corner was that of label Besiki22, named after the address where the shop is located.

“My friend and I decided to create a label that anyone could afford to buy. We don’t use dark colors, instead offering our potential customers totally different products. We create clothes using the quilt technique and use various textiles with colorful patterns,” Keti Kavtaradze, co-founder of the label, told us. “Most in demand are our bags, inspired by different themes, that are like nothing else in Georgia.”

M.G. is the name of an emerging label headed by Megi Gabunia, who creates distinct clothes, unisex wear, some of which boast Georgian motifs. Her most attention-grabbing handmade leather bags and rough, extremely stylish bracelets.

“I had my debut at Tbilisi Fashion Week in 2016. The same year, I opened my first store on Aghmashenebeli Avenue. I use my own drawings and graphic prints and transfer them onto my clothes, giving them a distinct look,” the designer said, adding that 70% of her customers are foreigners and her shop is frequently visited by tourists.

So if you wonder what Georgian fashion is all about, then drop in to the exhibition and check out the cutting-edge looks by local designers this Christmas.

Lika Chigladze

25 December 2017 17:26