Regus Unique Services Provide Comfortable Work Environment

Service Offices Provider, International Company ‘Regus’ is in Georgia, offering customers a perfect work environment in Tbilisi’s most prestigious, active and dynamic part of Freedom Square.

Regus was founded in 1989 in Brussels, Belgium. The company comprises more than 3,000 business centers located in over 1000 cities of 120 countries. Presented on the London Stock Exchange, Regus offers flexible and easy-to-use A-class offices, flexible and simple conditions of payment, modern and protected IT infrastructure, meeting rooms, common work space, administration services, and access to 3,000 branches around the world: important services needed for the success of small, medium and large businesses.

Check out CBW’s interview with Rusudan Chakvetadze, Representative of Regus in Georgia.

Regus has operated on the world market for 30 years. What experience has this time brought?

Our global network is expanding annually. Every business person needs an ideal environment and a favorable location, with flexible and simple payment terms. Regus aims to make their work space more comfortable, without losing time and additional payments. For more than 30 years, we have been trusted by multi-million companies, small and medium businesses, independent consultants and more than two million loyal customers around the world. Among our customers are: Google, Microsoft, Lincoln, Facebook, Samsung, Uber, and Amazon. The years have brought trust, experience and high-quality service. When big companies plan to acquire new markets, they ask whether there is a Regus in the country, because they are aware of our service, and the quality and standards we meet.

And now Georgia boasts its own

Yes. The Regus service center in Tbilisi is central and surrounded by prestigious hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops: a perfect environment for business people. The Center fully meets the requirements of the Service Office, making it the best solution for foreign business visitors who want to enter the Georgian market without additional administrative procedures and investments, at a simple price and terms of payment. Here, businesses and business people will benefit from Regus’ international standards.

What services does Regus provide specifically? And how did it all start?

The service office implies a hotel-type service: fully equipped offices, a business lounge and cafe, meeting rooms, co-working space, virtual office, and a video-conference space. Businessman and Regus Founder, Mark Dixon, was traveling around the world for business. In Brussels, he needed an office and couldn’t find one with full service that could be rented temporarily. That’s how the idea of the Service Office was born. A company or a person has the opportunity to take on an office for 1 hour, day, month, year, etc. in any country. It all started with offices, and now Regus has a lot of services for comfort. In our café, clients can order sandwiches, coffee, and various sweets.

The Service Office consists of an office administrator, connected telephone, internet, meeting rooms, business lounges, kitchen … all at one price and available in more than 3,000 locations around the world. The office can be rented for any term and with the most flexible conditions of payment.

Your main customers are business people on the move. What do you offer them?

They own Regus membership cards. ‘Business World’ members, mobile people, have business trips frequently, and while they’re traveling they don’t have to think which hotel or cafe offers fast internet and a quiet working environment: they just find a Regus branch in any of 120 countries, that’s 3,000 comfortable and open work spaces.

Our Gold Card gives members access to business lounges everywhere, access to business lounges and internet access at the airport, free coffee, tea and other services. Wherever they go, they have a place to work, which is not only convenient but also prestigious.

What about your Platinum card?

Platinum Card holders in all countries enjoy personal offices unlimited, allowing the owner to have their own office in the world’s most prestigious business centers, such as Trump Tower New York and Dubai Downtown. The owner of this card receives an individual office everywhere and always. The card is personal, but the owner has the opportunity to invite a visitor. The advantage of platinum is the addition of one service – the meeting room.

How did Regus simplify the office search procedure?

The main demands are for a high-class business center, safe, high-quality internet, and an easily-accessible location which should meet the expected standards. We have just a one-page agreement in exchange for a space in the Regus office for as long as you need.

What is your ‘Virtual Office’?

This is a virtual representation in the country. However, this commandment has been further expanded and we have given more tools to our clients. They can have a business and legal address in different countries to register the company, which is possible through virtual offices. One can also use the business lounge and meeting rooms.

What kind of meetings can be planned there?

Meetings rooms are different categories: for just 2-3 people or a wider audience, rented by the hour in any country, including Georgia, and simply booked through the Regus application.

Will you launch Regus in other regions of Georgia?

There is a demand for service offices in Georgia. At the end of March, a second business center will be opened on Vazha Pshavela Avenue in Tbilisi. By the end of 2020, there will be at least five locations at different levels and prices in the capital, and 12 overall in the country, including in Kutaisi, Rustavi and Batumi.


21 December 2017 20:18