Georgian PM and Opposition MP Verbally Confront Each-Other

The question and answer format between the Georgian government and the opposition United National Movement (UNM) parliamentary faction, turned into a severe verbal confrontation between the Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili and the UNM MP Nika Melia, after which the cabinet members left the hall and refused to answer questions from the opposition party.

The situation escalated when Melia accused the PM of corruption and inability to solve the most acute problems in the country, calling him “disgraceful”, “corrupt” and a “dishonest” person.

Melia also told Kvirikashvili that founder of the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party, tycoon and former PM Bidzina Ivanishvili, who is often referred as the informal ruler of the country, is not satisfied with the work of Kvirikashvili and intends to “fire” him.

The PM could not control himself and called Melia a “bastard”, he also swore several times at the opposition MP, before leaving the meeting with the cabinet members.

The unrest continued in the hall of the old parliament building between the members of the ruling and opposition parties.

The UNM MPs stressed this was the first precedent when the PM publicly swore and faced confrontation with the opposition MP. They called Kvirikashvili a “shameful and improper” official.

Later on December 20, the PM publicly apologized for his words and behavior, saying the opposition UNM provoked him during the whole meeting and he could not control his emotions.

He said Melia was the first to abuse him verbally, and he had to protect himself and his “honor”.

“Unfortunately, we have a part of the opposition that only works on destabilization and provocation. They managed to make me lose temper and my answer was very emotional. I really regret this. When you are defending your honor, it is hard to control your emotions,” the PM stated and publicly apologized for his words.

Nika Melia also made comments over the confrontation, saying Kvirikashvili should apologize not for his actions, but for the “grave situation he and his team brought to Georgia.”

“Poor economy, increased criminal corruption and grave social conditions – the PM should apologize for this,” the MP stressed.

By Thea Morrison

21 December 2017 09:23