National Geographic Includes Georgia in List of Countries to Visit in 2018

The National Geographic magazine has released the list of 21 countries, among them Georgia, which you need to visit next year.

“Looking for your next adventure? Our editors’ top picks will have you discovering new trails, tasting local foods, and spotting vibrant wildlife around the world,” the article reads.

The list of 21 countries to visit in 2018 looks as follows:

  1. Harar, Ethiopia
  2.  Jujuy Province,Argentina
  3. Tbilisi, Georgia
  4. Sydney, Australia
  5. Oaxaca, Mexico
  6. Vienaa, Austria
  7. North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
  8. Malmo, Sweden
  9. Jordan Trail
  10.  Dublin, Ireland
  11. Madagascar
  12. Santiago, Chile
  13. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  14. Cleveland, Ohio
  15. Metouan, Morocco
  16. Seoraksan National Park, South Korea
  17. Albania
  18. San Antonio, Texas
  19. Labrador, Canada
  20. Friesland, Netherlands
  21. Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

As for Tbilisi, Georgia, the article advices its readers to go there in order to experience Old Tbilisi’s authentic charms.

“Development is reshaping the cityscape of Georgia’s capital city at a dizzying pace. Traditional Georgian experiences—the 24-hour sulphur baths, the plump khinkali (spiced meat dumplings), and the legendary hospitality of the locals—persevere in disarmingly disorganized Old Tbilisi,” the article reads.

The author indicates that Persian, Arab, Byzantine, Ottoman, Russian, and Soviet occupations influenced Tbilisi architecture.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: National Geographic

18 December 2017 09:53