Natakhtari Fund Closes 6th Wave with almost GEL 44,000

On December 14, the Natakhtari Fund hosted a press conference to summarize the 6th wave project ‘Take Care of Future.’ During the press conference, where Nikoloz Khundzakishbili, Corporate Director of Natakhtari Company, and Manana Omarashvili, Psychological Supervisor of the ‘Our Home - Georgia’ Association, celebrated the fact that GEL 43,972 had been raised.

The 6th wave of raising money for the Natakhtari Fund began on November 8 and ended on December 8 seeing money made for the Fund from each bottle of Natakhtari lemonade purchased.

During the conference, the representatives of the Natakhtari Fund also spoke about their earlier achievements, such as their 'take care' systems for young adults/children in several Georgian regions.

In Gori, Akhaltsikhe, Telavi, Rustavi, Kutaisi, Ozurgeti, Batumi and Zugdidi regions, the ‘Coalition for Children and Youth’ and ‘Natakhtari Fund’ presented a joint program for locals.

Liza Nadibaidze

14 December 2017 19:27