Three Fires in Georgia Caused by Extreme Heat

Early yesterday three fires raged in Georgia because of the extreme temperatures. The largest and most dangerous fire occurred in the Eliava warehouse at around 5PM yesterday afternoon. 14 Fire Rescue cars, patrols and ambulances were on the scene immediately. 

The rescue workers, along with 125 firefighters, attempted to quell the blaze, while a helicopter helped from above.

At the same time a fire was spreading in Saburtalo, near Tbilisi’s Sport Palace and burned one hectare of land before fire crews managed to get it under control. Another fire blazed in Borjomi for the second time in a week.

It’s understood that two workers perished in the fire at the warehouse, with several others injured and in critical condition in the hospital. Among the injured is a firefighter who suffered smoke inhalation while fighting the blaze.

Officials visited the warehouse immediately to see the situation. According to Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania the fire started in the warehouse.

"There was a threat that the fire could spread to other warehouses but fortunately our rescuers and firefighters managed to stop this,” Narmania said.

It is currently still forbidden for workers and media to visit the source of the fire. An investigation is underway to see how the fire started. 

Nina Ioseliani

05 August 2015 12:21