U.S. Secretary of State Supports Georgia’s Aspirations to Become a NATO Member

12.6.2017, Brussels –  At a press conference held  within the framework of  the meeting of the NATO Foreign Ministers, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson highlighted Georgia’s contribution to NATO’s peace operations reaffirming that the U.S.  strongly supports Georgia’s aspirations to become a NATO member.

“Earlier this morning we also had a productive discussion with Georgian Foreign Minister Janelidze. Georgia is a large contributor to our joint efforts in Afghanistan. In fact, they are the largest per capita of any contributing nation, and we strongly support Georgia’s aspirations to become a NATO member. Looking ahead to our final session, which will be over lunch today, the United States does support NATO’s open-door policy, and our commitment that any Europe-Atlantic country that wishes to join the alliance and meets the requirements to do so should be allowed to do so. And no third party should have anything to say about that pursuit of NATO membership. As we have done for decades, the United States will continue to maintain our straightforward, ironclad commitment to Article V. We will continue to work for the common defense and the preservation of peace called for in the NATO charter, and do so with confidence that our allies will continue to do the same” – U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said.

Photo source: The New Yorker

07 December 2017 16:02