Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi Hosts Watersports Championship

On December 3, the Tbilisi open championship in swimming was held at the “Be Pure” recreational center within Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi, in Tbilisi Sea New City. This recreation center is the largest in indoor swimming pools among 5-star hotels, and the pool length is 25 meters.

 The tournament was organized by the Georgian Watersports Federation and saw boys aged 7 to 12, and girls aged 6 to 11, competing.

More than 100 children took part in the championship, from both Tbilisi and Rustavi swimming pools. There were 78 prize winners and the judges were members of the republic category of referee board.

The boys winners were Giorgi Gogoladze, who took first place in the category of butterfly, and Nika Jijiashvili, who came second place in the same category.

In the category of girls, the first two places were taken by Keso Aghvliani and Elizabeth Bitsadze in glitter swimming.

As many swimmers had requested it, the decision was made to host the tournament for the second time and it will be
held in future at the end of each year with the aim of popularizing swimming as a sport, and to teach young adults the
importance of a healthy lifestyle. It also aims to find talented children and encourage and support them.

Liza Nadibaidze

04 December 2017 18:11