TBC Shows Petre Otskheli

For the 110th birthday of Petre Otskheli, one of the founders of Georgian modernism, an exhibition of 30 of his restored works is now on display in TBC Gallery. During the opening of the exhibition on November 30, some of his other works were shown, including his masterpiece “prtosani mghebavi”. The pieces are kept in the Art Palace museum and have only left that institution twice before: once being sent to an exhibition in Paris, and a second for a London tour.

Most of Otskheli’s restored works are sketches of stage costumes that are being shown to the wider audience for the first time. It was noted that during restoration of Otskheli’s works, a number of unknown sketches had been discovered on the reverse of framed pictures. During the exhibition, students were given a chance to draw reflections of Petre Oskheli’s works in virtual reality.

Mamuka Khazaradze, one of the founders of TBC Bank, and Minister of Culture, Mikheil Giorgadze, spoke at the opening ceremony. “The best results come from the government and private sectors working together,” Khazaradze and Giorgadze agreed.

“This is a unique painter,” Khazaradze said, noting that they intend to take the selfsame exhibition abroad, while Minister Giorgadze thanked TBC Bank for realization of the project and spoke about further opportunities in the sphere.

Liza Nadibaidze

04 December 2017 18:09