Parliament Approves Increased Budget for Ministries

Following the changes in the state budget recently approved by the parliament of Georgia, Georgian ministries are to receive increased financing.

Georgian media sources report that the budget of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is set to grow by GEL 106 million, to be used for the construction of the new Business House, Kutaisi Airport, and for infrastructure development of the mountain resorts throughout Georgia.

The budget for the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia is to increase by 65 million, with GEL 30 million to be used for amelioration, and GEL 30 to be used for defeating Asian stink bugs.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure budget wll increase by GEL 30 million, with GEL 16 million to be used for water supply system rehabilitation, GEL 9 million for solid waste project implementation and GEL 5 million to be assigned for road infrastructure improvement.

Financing considered for Sports and Youth will see GEL 10 million allocated for sports infrastructure construction and development, while the budget considered for the Ministry of Energy is up by GEL 65 million, with GEL 50 million for gasification projects and GEL 15 million for joint financing of projects from donor organizations for the year 2018, a lower sum than previous years.

The budget considered for the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees will grow by GEL 15 million, in order to improve the living conditions of the internally displaced persons.

The Fund for projects to be implemented in the regions of Georgia is to be raised by GEL 24 million.

Nino Gugunishvili

04 December 2017 18:06