New Year Decorations to be Installed on Tbilisi Streets

New illuminations and decorations are being installed on the central streets of Tbilisi, including Rustaveli Avenue, Melikishvili Avenue, Chavchavadze Avenue, Pekini Street and Baratashvili Street. 

As Tbilisi Municipality announced, Tbilservice group have started installation works on Rustaveli Avenue already, to be completed within several days. Also, according to the information from Tbilisi Municipality, the New Year illuminations were brought from Italy, with central Rustaveli Avenue to have 32 New Year decorations in the form of butterflies, while the trees are to be decorated as well. Tbilservice Group Director Levan Jgarkava says, this year, Rustaveli will be decorated in gold colors. After installing the decorations on Rustaveli, because of which the avenue might be closed for several days, works will continue on Melikishvili and Chavchavadze Avenues. The New Year decorations from the previous year are now installed across various districts of Tbilisi, the installation works, as Tbilisi Municipality announcement informs, are planned to be completed by the middle of December.

By Nino Gugunishvili

03 December 2017 16:17