Tbilisi on National Geographic’s 'Places You Need to Visit in 2018'

There’s a scene in the 1998 animated musical epic of the Book of Exodus, “The Prince of Egypt”, where — if you’ll forgive my interpretation of the plot — Moses, stuck in what seems to be an Ancient Egyptian rap battle with two high priests, is told “Well, forgive us these smiles on our faces/ You’ll know what power is when we are done/Son…/You’re playing with the big boys now”. 

At this point you’re probably asking yourself why on earth I am bringing this up, and wondering if I celebrated Thursday’s decriminalization of marijuana consumption a bit too effusively. Refrain from closing this tab for just a few seconds longer and you’ll understand the parallel: after ranking seventh on Lonely Planet’s “Top Ten Countries to Visit in 2018”, Tbilisi has now made it onto National Geographic’s “Top Ten Places You Need To Visit In 2018”. 

You guessed it: Georgia, this small gem of a country, is officially playing with the big boys now! 

In the article, National Geographic writer Maryellen Kennedy Duckett tells readers that visiting Tbilisi now is imperative to “experience Old Tbilisi’s authentic charms,” adding that: “Development is reshaping the cityscape of Georgia’s capital city at a dizzying pace. Traditional Georgian experiences—the 24-hour Sulphur baths, the plump khinkali (spiced meat dumplings), and the legendary hospitality of the locals—persevere in disarmingly disorganized Old Tbilisi.”

It is definitely well worth one’s time checking out the rest of the article as, if nothing else, upon seeing who made and did not make the list, you’ll feel extra proud to be living that Tbiliseli life.

Photo source: Lonely planet 

By Máté Földi

03 December 2017 14:48