Gov’t to Tighten Construction Regulations

The Government of Georgia is to make amendments to the 41st Government Resolution of January 28, 2006, on technical regulation and building safety rules, with the aim of tightening regulations in the field to make new buildings and construction works safer and in line with the capital’s architecture.

The amendments were prepared by the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with Tbilisi City Hall.

The Minister of Economy, Giorgi Gakharia, and newly-elected Tbilisi Mayor, Kakha Kaladze held a meeting with the representatives of various construction and development companies last week in order to share views and agree on the amendments.

The Economy Ministry says the amendments cover the design, construction and operation of existing buildings as well as on-going constructions, reconstructions and demolition works.

“The goal of the amendments is to ensure standard safety conditions for public health, safety and common welfare, protection of life and property from fire and other threats, as well as safety of firefighters and rescuers during the emergency situations,” the ministry stated.

At the meeting special attention was paid to the development of a regulation plan. According to Minister Giorgi Gakharia, during the elaboration of the amendments, members of the Developers Association and construction specialists offered their opinions.

“There are problems and we have worked together to elaborate these amendments. Amendments require the builders and developers to observe and fully follow the safety standards during the construction process,” he stated.

The Minister added that the amendments also envisage the creation of a construction policy, which will be a general document and will be followed by all development and construction companies in the country.

“This is principally important because it allows Tbilisi and other municipalities to elaborate and develop the construction policy as well as to implement it. Otherwise, with the existing development regulatory plans, most of the residential building remained behind this policy. This is the main agreement between the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, City Hall and the representatives of the field,” Gahkaria said.

The new Tbilisi Mayor, Kakha Kaladze, stated that apart from safety norms, construction companies should take into account the visual side of the buildings and residential complexes, in order not to distort the architectural look of the capital.

“We will work and implement general standards which have to be met by developers during construction,” he added.

The representatives of the construction and the development companies assessed the meeting as fruitful and said they support the governmental initiative.

“We all agree that the capital should not have the visual appearance it has today. It is unacceptable to have such unfinished buildings to save on exterior design or facades. We request severe regulations regarding this issue. The government offered this initiative and we completely support it,” Lasha Papashvili, the CEO of Redix Group said.

The Economy Ministry says that public discussions were also held during the amendment elaboration process, adding there were trainings for the architects and specialists of the administrative services.

Thea Morrison

13 November 2017 18:35