Vogue: There are Several Reasons Why Georgia Should be on Your Mind

Georgia is the focus of another Vogue article, entitled 'There are Several Reasons Why Georgia Should be on your Mind'

“Geographically, Georgia’s an evocative spot, with the Caucasus Mountains to the north and the Black Sea to the west. This rich, varied place makes it a natural fit for a growing fashion scene, as was evident at the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi Fall 2017, held in the capital city”, Karen Loftus writes in the introductory part, adding later, that “there is something indescribably wonderful about arriving in the capital city of Tbilisi”. 

“At first look, while arriving in the middle of the night, you can tick off Old World wonders: stately squares, city walls, and dimly lit castles in the distance. In the daylight, it’s a mad mix of many eras heading in several different directions” she says, noting that “Georgia’s turbulent past as well as its ambitious future seem to coexist side by side”, as she goes on to mention the cobblestone streets, or Art Nouveau buildings, “some of which are impeccably restored while others remain in a state of disrepair” she says. 

Karen Loftus then writes about the sightseeing spots, and places to visit/stay, which are not to be missed while in Tbilisi, from the bath district and sulphur baths in Abanotubani, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Opera house, Rike Park, Bridge of Peace, Mtastminda park, and Funicular complex. Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, Lolita restaurant and Café Littera, alongside Dry Bridge, and Fabrica Hostel are mentioned too, as is the Tsinandali Complex in Kakheti. 

“Georgian wine-making methods that were developed 8,000 years ago are still being put into practice today. This involves fermenting and storing the wine underground in egg-shaped clay jars called kveri, and was listed on the 2013 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List”, the author of the article says, ending the article with “As slow as life may unfold for locals today, Georgia is definitely on the fast track to become the next Berlin or Prague tomorrow. Best to go sooner rather than later—it’s sure to be on everyone’s mind in no time.” https://www.vogue.com/article/georgia-tbilisi-where-why-to-go

Photo source: Vogue.com, courtesy of Kevin Garrett

By Nino Gugunishvili

13 November 2017 12:11