Tbilisi City Hall to Start Legal Dispute against City Park Company

Mayor-Elect of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze says that the City Hall is going to start a legal dispute against the parking regulatory company C.T. Park, which has the exclusive right to manage parking in the capital.

Many Tbilisi residents say they are unhappy with their services of the company, accusing it of acting illegally while imposing high fines on them.

Kaladze says that he considers applying to the court to find out if the company acts within the law.

 “Lawyer will be involved in the process of verifying legality of City Park activities. Our approach will be legal,” Kaladze told Imedi TV.

He added that 99% court disputes over the fines, imposed by this company, were ruled out in favor of Tbilisi citizens, which raises questions that the company acts illegally.

The contract between the City Park Company and the Mayor’s Office was signed under the previous government in 2007, and the company received exclusive rights to manage parking services in Tbilisi until 2022.

However, the service costs and regulations have raised various questions amongst locals, who disapprove of the company, saying it has high fines and unfair conditions. 

The Current Mayor, Davit Narmania, whose authority expires in two days, has also stressed on numerous occasions that he is also unsatisfied with City Park, and has explained that the agreement cannot be cancelled as, according to the international auditing company Ernst & Young, the annulment of the agreement will cost the Mayor’s office 25 million GEL in expenses, which is a huge sum for Tbilisi's budget.

By Thea Morrison

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10 November 2017 07:55