CineClub & CineDoc to Screen ‘Didube, the Last Stop’

On Monday November 13, 7PM, ‘Didube, the Last Stop’ will be shown to an eager audience of cine-enthusiasts (and those both curious and passionate about Georgian life and culture) in the presence of the director of the movie, Shorena Tevzadze, who will be available to answer audience questions afterwards.

CineClub works in cooperation with the Cinedoc festival to screen Georgian films with English subtitles to increase exposure and to provide greater insight into Georgia as a country and culture.

The 65-minute film was released this year and describes the lives lived within the well-known Tbilisi transport hub, Didube.

In the depths of noise and motion, we discover a pharmacy whose owner sits all day behind a glass counter with his wife Tsitso, writing poetry about current affairs. In the early 90s, Didube was the last station of the Tbilisi Metro. That was when Niko opened his shop. With his wife, Niko spends most of his time in Didube sharing his dreams, music and poetry with his friends Nodar, a local singer, and Lili, a street vendor selling lemons at the station. The film shows how attached Niko is to the place and the uncertainty of his future- is this the beginning of the end of his little kingdom, or the start of a new adventure?

WHERE: Amirani Cinema (Kostava Street, Tbilisi)


PRICE: 3 GEL (ticket), 2 GEL (donation to the organizers)

Katie Ruth Davies

09 November 2017 17:41