Public Transport Fine to Quadruple

The Admnistrative Violations Code will be amended to allow for the increase of the current 5 GEL fine for using public transport illegally — i.e. without paying for the 0.5GEL fare — to 20 GEL. The new law will also punish those who do not validate their journey immediately upon getting on the bus; obliging passengers to immediately pay the fare, as opposed to only upon seeing the controller come their way. The proposal was presented to the parliament by the Environment and Natural Resources Parliamentary Committee. 

The bill also adds that in order to better manage the new M3 category buses that have been introduced in Tbilisi, the “e-payment of the transportation fee will eradicate the malignant practice of filling bus-stops with used, disposed tickets and also reduce expenses in terms of paper for tickets."

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By Máté Földi
07 November 2017 10:12