Ambassador to Greece: Crimes Committed by Georgians in Greece Harm Mutual Relations

Georgia’s Special and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Greek and Serbian Republics, Ioseb Nanobashvili, stated that the main problem in the relationship between Georgia and Greece is the crimes committed by Georgian citizens there.

The ambassador made the statement while commenting on the increasing number of crimes committed by Georgians in the country.

“It goes without saying that this issue is seriously harmful to our country and its image, as well as to the embassy’s activities,” Nanobashvili said, adding that such crimes hinder the process of negotiations between the two states.

“Such cases also create a very negative background and mood among the Greek people towards Georgians,” the ambassador’s address reads.

Nanobashvili stated that despite the reality, the embassy has been conducting an ongoing dialogue over the issues.

“We demand the rights of Georgian citizens be protected despite the serious crimes they are accused of. We also demand no false or vague information to be reported on our compatriots that are charged for crimes,” the Ambassador added.

Crimes committed by Georgians have increased in Greece of late. Around a week ago, Greek media reported that three Georgians robbed and tortured an 85-year old pensioner in the outskirts of Athens. Soon after the incident, the local police detained seven Georgians, including the three who had allegedly tortured the woman.

Georgian broadcaster Rustavi 2 TV reports that, according to the Greek police, those arrested for torture and robbery had been convicted for a similar case in the past, but their sentence at the time was shortened and they were released.

“It is believed that the same group of Georgians has links with around 30 robbery cases in Athens. The police believe the robbers have accomplices and are working to identify them,” Rustavi 2 reported.

Thea Morrison

06 November 2017 17:13