Tbilisi Hosts Enterprise Market at Meidan

A two day Enterprise Market was organized in Tbilisi’s Old Town this weekend, introducing souvenirs, clothes, dry food, sweets, tea and alcohol beverages produced in Georgia. Visitors attending the event had a chance to taste a wide range of products and establish new contacts with local producers presented there. The Market was organized by the Produce in Georgia Agency for the second time.

The weekend Enterprise Market was attended by the Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Giorgi Cherkezishvili and Nino Javakhadze, and Mariana Morgoshia, Director of the Produce in Georgia Agency.

Javakhadze noted that various countries around the world have traditions of organizing such fairs and events. They will now be held in Georgia regularly and are expected to promote Georgian products and producers, raising awareness among the Georgian public.

“The Enterprise Market has a rotation principle: we’re not displaying one and the same producer on the same stand each year; we’re trying to cover all emerging producers in Georgia, helping them to promote their products; we’re trying to maximally bring in new benficiaries every time, thus assisting them to popularize what they produce,” said Mariana Morgoshia, Produce in Georgia Agency Director. “We want the Market to have a large scale, introducing and involving more and more of the micro-producers from the regions and capital”.

Nino Gugunishvili

30 October 2017 18:03