New Rating of World's Most Powerful Passports - Kazakhstan Comes in at 112th

In a new list of the "world's strongest passports" - Individual Passport Power Rank; Kazakhstan took 112th place.

According to the company Arton Capital, with a Kazakhstani passport, it is possible to enter 71 countries of the world without any issues (35 without a visa and 36 visas upon arrival).

Noteworthy, also, is that Belarus, Oman and the dwarf state of Nauru are listed within the same category as the Republic of Kazakhstan. Although in the "individual classification", the Belarussian passport is listed as coming in at 109th place, and Oman 111th place. 

Meanwhile, top of the list was Singapore - with the passport of which one can enter 124 countries without a visa, and get a visa on arrival at 35 more. A year earlier, Germany came in at 1st place, but this year it came 2nd. With a German passport, you can visit 125 countries without a visa, and another 33 to obtain a visa upon arrival.

Also in the top ten are: Sweden (124 and 33), South Korea (117 and 40), Denmark, Finland and Italy (124 and 32), France (123 and 33), Spain (122 and 34) and Norway (120 and 36). The United States came in at the 21st place (114 countries without a visa and 40 with visas on arrival), and Russia on 83 (76 without a visa and 32 more to receive a visa upon arrival). Georgian citizens can enter 67 countries visa-free and 38 upon arrival (total 105 countries). 

The Individual Passport Power Rank is updated annually by Arton Capital.

By Dimitri Dolaberidze

Edited by Tamzin Whitewood

27 October 2017 10:25