Grape Harvest 2017 Wrapped Up

Georgian Agriculture Minister, Levan Davitashvili, announced that 123,000 tons of grapes were processed in Georgia this year, an “unprecedented success”.

While summarizing the grape harvest 2017, the minister noted that farmers had earned around GEL 150 million income from selling their harvest.

“This is very important income for rural people. Their economic activity is successful and this success is linked to the success of the sector,” Davitashvili stated at the press-conference, adding that the private sector is strong, “the result of the state programs implemented in the country over several years, as a result of which Georgia received dozens of renovated, new enterprises and modernized companies”.

The demand on Georgian wine has also grown this year.

"Since independence, we have not sold so much wine!” he noted.

Davitashvili expects that 70 million bottles of Georgian wine will be exported this year in total. In 2016, 49.84 million bottles of wine were exported from Georgia.

Georgian wine export in the period of January-September 2017 increased by 63% compared to the same period of 2016, with the National Wine Agency claiming that 52.7 million bottles of wine were exported from Georgia in that period.

Thea Morrison

23 October 2017 18:23
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