UK’s Mayhew Charity on Their Annual Visit to Tbilisi

Those of us who have lived in Tbilisi, or Georgia in general, for long enough, are well aware of the issue of street animals. Whilst this is being combatted over time, it is still something of an issue. 

There are two main problems: how animals are viewed in the country, and a lack of veteranary training and knowledge. Mayhew is a charity based out of London. The team travel to countries around the world to work with the local street animal population, as well as with local vets and nurses to teach the latest knowledge and skills to help care for street cats and dogs. 

CEO Caroline Yates, Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Ursula Goetz, and Dog Handler Josh Keegan at Mayhew are currently in Tbilisi, teaching at the Tbilisi Municipality Animal Shelter. Dr. Goetz, together with the head vet of the veterinary clinic of the Agricultural University of Georgia, Dr. Mariam Chkhikvishvili, and her team of vets volunarily spent all day Sunday at the University where they sterilized 43 street cats. 

The team also work closely with D.O.G (Dog Organization Georgia), which has a shelter near Lisi lake. D.O.G. is always looking for volunteers to help walk and look after the dogs they house, and for the right people to adopt said dogs. The Mayhew team works with D.O.G to vaccinate and sterilize the street dogs they rescue. Further information can be found on the team’s website at 

By Tamzin Whitewood

23 October 2017 15:58