'CONTINU' by Sasha Waltz to Premier in Tbilisi

20 and 21 October, 20:00, Georgian International Festival of Arts 'GIFT' in Tbilisi, to be held in honor of Michael Tumanishvili, in association with the Auswärtiges Amt - Federal Foreign Office and Goethe-Institut Georgien, marking the German-Georgian Year.

“Zukunft Erben” (Future Inheritance)  is to present Sasha Waltz & Guests, in 'CONTINU', directed and choreographed by Sasha Waltz Choreography

In »Continu«, Sasha Waltz has orchestrated some of the most extraordinary spectacles, which became the most recognized over the course of ten years.

Yet, rather than framing Continu within a biographical context, it’s perhaps more accurate to see it as a possible conclusion to Waltz’s continual preoccupation, with the relationship between space and body, between individuals and a group or society, especially in light of the recent events and experiences of fights, migration and the diversity of cultural identities, which unfold new ways of perceiving this piece.

In the performance, a field of tension between choreographic, musical and visual currents of energy is generated, while the title denotes the continuity of the perpetual forces of Nature. Cosmic weightlessness as a spiritual substance of a human being embodies itself as a companion of the free world. Free from discrimination, demagogy and violence that, we believe, will deepen the dialogue in Georgia as well, as it is the existential dilemma that creates the infinite content of space and time that already exists since the dawn of time.

“With 21 dancers in tow, the German choreographer Sasha Waltz whirled into the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Friday to transform the Howard Gilman Opera House from dark to light! Sasha Waltz and Guests’ Continu combined well-crafted modern dance with a German Tanztheater sensibility. It was performed by very capable modern dancers with a wonderfully moving performance. They worked well together at unison dancing and their solos showed the choreography which values serious subjects. “ GIA KOURLAS, The New York Times 

Zakaria Paliashvili Georgian National Opera and Ballet State Theatre, October 20, 21, Tbilisi.

Edited by Tamzin Whitewood

19 October 2017 12:00