Asian Stink Bugs Appear in Tbilisi After Affecting West Georgia

Tbilisi residents and media have reported that they have seen large amount of Asian Stink Bugs (brown marmorated bugs) pest in Vake Park, Capital Tbilisi.

During the summer and autumn, the bugs completely destroyed hazelnut crops and plants in West Georgia and created serious problems for farmers.

The bugs found in Tbilisi were examined by the specialists of the Food Safety Service and the results were positive. This means the brown marmorated bugs have moved to East Georgia as well.

Deputy Chief of Food Safety Service, Zurab Lipartia, held a special press-conference and informed the public about the news. He said the bugs should be fought by mechanical means at homes, adding the use of poisonous chemicals is not allowed in flats and houses.

He added that all the parks will be checked in Tbilisi and preventive measures will be carried out.

Giorgi Khanishvili, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, says that Asian Stink Bugs are not harmful for people and they will not spread any diseases.

Khanishvili believes that it will be very easy to eliminated the pest in Tbilisi.

By Thea Morrison

10 October 2017 23:08