Georgia Denounces Syrian Delegation’s Visit to Breakaway Abkhazia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (MFA) has denounced the recent visit of a Syrian delegation to Georgia’s Russian-occupied region of Abkhazia, claiming that the visit is a continuation of Russia’s provocative policy and its occupation regimes. 

“Russia is trying to legitimize its attempts to force changes to the borders of a sovereign state and widespread ethnic cleansing of Georgians. This visit is part of that policy,” the ministry stressed, adding that one of the most important priorities of the Georgian government is consistent implementation of the non-recognition policy.

“The Foreign Ministry reacts immediately to the attempts of the occupation regimes to establish illegal contacts with representatives of foreign countries,” the statement of the ministry reads.

Communication was held with international partners with regard to the so-called visit.

The parliamentary delegation of Syria arrived in occupied Sokhumi on October 3. Abkhazian news agency Apsnypress reports that the delegation had a meeting with the de facto foreign Minister of Abkhazia, Daur Kove who welcomed the Syrian delegation and expressed content that mutual relationships have been developed.

“We are glad that Abkhazian-Syrian relations have developed dynamically this year. We cooperate in different fields. The current situation in Syria concerns us," said Kove.

The Syrian delegation was led by Sanah Abo Zaid, who noted that there are good prospects for developing ties between the two sides.

The delegation of Syria was also hosted by the so called president of Abkhazia, Raul Khajimba.

“It is important to restore justice…The West and the Americans are trying to influence world processes. This is unacceptable both for Syria and for those who want to live peacefully," Khajimba said.

The de facto president added that Abkhazians support the position of the leadership of Syria.

The Syrian delegation also held meetings with the de facto ministers of occupied Abkhazia.

“Economy Minister” Adgur Ardzinba stated that the “Ministry of Economy” is preparing a draft agreement with the Syrian Arab Republic on the duty-free trade regime between the countries.

“Our main task is to create favorable conditions for developing businesses in both countries,” Ardzinba said.

Prior the visit of the Syrian delegation to Sokhumi, the “Abkhazian delegation” paid a visit to Syria.

The de facto MFA of Abkhazia reported that the delegation of the “Republic of Abkhazia” held various meetings in Syria in August.

The so-called Abkhazian Ministry stated that the Syrian authorities had expressed interest in developing trade and economic cooperation with the “Republic” and received its representatives as a friendly “state.”

Since the Russia-Georgia war in August 2008, Russia has recognized the independence of Abkhazia and another separatist region, South Ossetia. In total, only four countries recognize Georgia’s breakaway regions as independent republics: Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru.

By Thea Morrison

Photo: Syrian delegation meets “Foreign Ministry” representatives of breakaway Abkhazia. Source: Apsnypress.

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