British Parliamentarians Enjoy Georgian Food Week at Westminster

Last week we interviewed Georgian Ambassador to the UK Tamar Beruchashvili, who told us that they had opened Georgian Food Week in the UK's House of Commons canteen.

“I’m delighted to see the number of articles being written on Georgian food- almost weekly, and the number of books being printed on the theme,” Beruchashvili told GEORGIA TODAY. “It has become quite trendy to speak about Georgian cuisine, culture and values!”

On a visit with Jonathan Djanogly MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Georgia (APPG), House of Commons, she met Terry Wiggins, a chef with 40 years experience who at the time was hosting Mexican Food Month for parliamentarians. It inspired her to ask the chef to host a Georgian version. Equipped with cook books and tips from the Georgian side, Wiggins set to forming a menu, which then became  ‘A Taste Adventure to Georgia’. The 'feast' opened last Tuesday and is to conclude today.

"Currently, there is serious excitement in the UK media about Georgian wine, food, tourism and culture. Georgia is better known to the British citizens and I am proud to note that the Georgian embassy made its contribution to that success through organizing a series of talks, roundtables, exhibitions, various promotional events," the Ambassador told us.

By Katie Ruth Davies

26 September 2017 08:44