Prosecutor General Participates in Conference of Int’l Association of Prosecutors

Georgia’s Prosecutor General Irakli Shotadze participated in the 22nd annual conference and general meeting of the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) held in Beijing, China, on September 10-15, 2017.

The theme of the conference was "Prosecution in the Public Interest - The Challenges and Opportunities in the Changing Societies" and the event was attended by around 500 representatives of member organizations of the International Association of Prosecutors from all over the world.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia reports that the President of the International Association of Prosecutors Gerhard Jarosch awarded the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia and Chief Prosecutor Irakli Shotadze for special contribution in development of justice in the region.

The top issues of the conference were society’s well-being, challenges of prosecutorial authorities all over the world and opportunities of development, importance of strengthening specialized networks and international cooperation in digital era in course of pursuing criminal justice policy.

During the visit, Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Irakli Shotadze held an official meeting with the Procurator-General of the People’s Republic of China Cao Jianming. At the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects of future cooperation. 

International Association of Prosecutors was founded in 1995 and is the only international organization for prosecutors, which brings together 3000 individuals and 172 prosecutorial bodies from 171 countries worldwide. According to POG, Georgia is a founding member of the International Association of Prosecutors.

By Thea Morrison

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