OSCE/ODIHR Starts Its Election Observing Mission in Georgia

OSCE/ODIHR has started its observing mission of the October 21 local elections in Georgia.

The Head of the mission, Corien Jonker stated at the press-conference on Wednesday that the observers are not interested in the election results but the electoral process itself and the level of how democratic principles are followed during the elections. 

She said the main role and function of the mission is to observe the elections and prepare a report afterwards, on the basis of the revealed facts. 

Jonker added the mission will also assess the electoral legislation, activities of the Central Election Commission, how the election campaigning is financed and how the media covers election-related issues.

“Our mandate envisages assessment of the elections as it happens in all OSCE participant countries. We will evaluate how the process corresponds to the OSCE as well as other international commitments and standards that imply conduction of democratic elections. We also assess how the process is relevant to the local legislation,” she stated.

The OSCE/ODIHR mission consists of 14 international experts based in Tbilisi. In addition, 22 long-term observers will be deployed throughout the country from 20 September.

Moreover, around 350 short-term observers will arrive in Georgia on October 17. They will be deployed throughout the country in multinational teams of two to monitor the opening of polling stations, the voting, the counting of ballots, and the tabulation of results.

OSCE web page reports ODIHR, together with its partners, will issue a statement of preliminary findings and conclusions at a press conference. A final report on the observation of the entire electoral process will be issued approximately eight weeks after the end of the electoral process.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: Netgazeti

14 September 2017 01:28