Georgia Denounces Military Training in Occupied Abkhazia

Georgia’s Defense Minister, Levan Izoria says that joint military drills of Russia and de facto Abkhazia, on the territory of the occupied region, represent violation of international standards. 

“Any kind of activities on breakaway territories is anti-constitutional and illegal, criticized severely by international community. We perceive all this as a threat and declare that it violates international legal norms,” the minister stated.

Head of General Staff of Georgia Vladimer Chachibaia says the drills in occupied Abkhazia are unconstitutional.

He says the 49th army of the occupation troops is involved in the training process, which has declared combat readiness. Military action is underway at the seventh military base.

“There are more than 2000 servicemen and 300military equipment. The training serves to check the combat level of the troops. This is unconstitutional and the norms of international law are violated.  Of course this training is a threat for Georgia,” the Head of General Staff of Georgia stressed.

By Thea Morrison

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14 September 2017 00:39