Georgia Really is The Cradle of Wine

Georgia - Cradle of Wine; a project initiated by the National Wine Agency of Georgia, within which a group of scientists from seven countries explored whether Georgia really is the birthplace of wine, has ended. 

On October 11, at the Center of Wine Civilization in Bordeaux, La Cite Du Vin, Mr. Patrick Edward McGovern is to present the research findings, as the group of scientists involved in the project that lasted for three years will reunite in order to present the results to the public. The National Wine Agency states on its Facebook page that the results confirm that Georgia truly is the 'Cradle of Wine'. 

As the National Wine Agency of Georgia has stated, top scientists were exploring the richest archeological material, eldest grape seeds and acids settled on clay vessels that appeared to be wine. 

Georgia is the first country invited to the Center of Wine Civilization in Bordeaux, France. The exhibition 'Georgia: Cradle of Wine' opened on August 31, 2017 and is set to run until November 5 this year. 

By Nino Gugunishvili


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12 September 2017 14:20