Fuel Prices Up in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Gasoline prices have grown in Almaty, Kazakhstan by an average of 2 Tenge ($0.0059).

In the networks of large petrol stations in Almaty, there is a rise in the price of both gasoline and diesel fuel.

At gas station KazMunayGas, the cost of a liter of AI-92 gasoline since the beginning of August has risen by 3 Tenge, up to 144 Tenge ($0.42). Gasoline brand AI-95 also went up by 3 Tenge to 158 Tenge ($0.46), diesel increased in price by 4 Tenge from the beginning of August to 144 Tenge per liter.

The prices for gasoline at the gas stations of Royal Petrol are, for AI-92: 145 Tenge per liter (in comparison with 143 Tenge in August), while diesel now costs also 145 Tenge, having risen by one Tenge, and fuel of mark AI-95 stands at 159 Tenge ($0.47).

At the gasoline station Sinooil, a liter of AI-92 went up by 2 Tenge, to 145 Tenge while the price for a liter of diesel fuel and AI-95 gasoline went up by 1 Tenge to 144 and 159 Tenge, respectively.

At refueling stations, Helios AI-92 is sold at 145 Tenge, diesel fuel - 146 Tenge, and AI-95 - 159 Tenge.

The highest price was recorded in the network of gas stations Gazprom Neft-Kazakhstan where AI-92 is sold for 147 Tenge, having risen in price by 2 Tenge, diesel fuel, after a rise in price, for 147 Tenge per liter, and AI-95 gasoline for 168 Tenge ($0.49).

In the first half of 2017, Kazakh oil refineries processed 7.4 million tons of oil. This is 5.4% more than in the same period in 2016. Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant processed 13.1% more oil than last year - 2648.7 thousand tons, Shymkent Refinery 19.8% less at 1 895.5 thousand tons, and Atyrau Refinery 19.6% more than in 2016 with 2 508.3 thousand tons.

Dimitri Dolaberidze

11 September 2017 18:12