Green Diamond First Stage Apartments Sold 9 Months Before End of Construction

An unprecedented result from the largest building complex in Tbilisi: the first stage, consisting of 731 apartments, sees them all sold ahead of construction completion and the grand opening scheduled for May 2018.

Green Diamond is the second residential complex of MAQRO Construction, which began after the first successful project, Green Budapest. According to the Deputy General Director of MAQRO Construction, Mr. Oguz Kaan Karaer, the uniqueness and quality of the project, as well as a lot of satisfied residents, led to the success.

"We had expectations that sales would be successful,” Kaan Karaer says. “We were convinced that all the apartments would be sold before the end of the project. But we really didn’t expect it to happen nine months before. We thank all existing and future residents of MAQRO Construction’s projects. They played a huge role in this success. Residents of Green Budapest recommended and shared their experience and that was largely why there was a high demand for Green Diamond flats.

“Foreign investors from various countries see the great opportunity investing in Georgia’s real estate brings, and especially in project Green Diamond, and they didn’t miss the chance,” Kaan Karaer adds. “This was also one of the reasons we had such fast sales. High ROI, 12-14 % in only 7-8 years, is an unbelievable opportunity as the project is unique in Georgia and renting or reselling can provide a big income.

“Green Diamond is a project that has no analogue in Georgia; a unique project where inhabitants will be surprised how their lifestyle will change. Their hard-working days will end with calm and fresh air, their mornings will start with healthy activities. Green Diamond is a project where they can fulfill such needs easily, and without leaving the territory. Also, the location and flexible payment terms play a considerable role," he concludes.

Green Diamond is the first large-scale complex located in a convenient location near the city center. In this regard, MAQRO Construction was a pioneer and this novelty was fully justified. More and more people are interested in moving away from the center, noise, and the polluted air. Green Diamond residents have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and calm. Karaer says that people were uncertain about the new location at the initial stage, however, after realizing the advantages, demand for the apartments is on the rise.

As the Deputy General Director, the flexible payment terms have played a great role in encouraging sales: the down payment is only 10% of the flat price. Karaer says he is proud to announce that with only 10%, you can become the owner of an apartment. On the Georgian market, this is quite a favorable offer. In addition, the company offers special discounts in case of full payment.

Green Diamond's construction quality is also special and the company offers detailed surveys of apartments to potential buyers.

"At first glance, customers cannot determine the quality of building materials, but clients notice it's a very well-organized and clean process of construction. The complex is very beautiful even at the construction stage,” Oguz Kaan Karaer says, adding that, “Green Budapest inhabitants received everything as promised. Afterwards, they recommended their close friends and relatives to buy apartments in MAQRO Construction complexes. Due to this, Green Diamond is a very successful project. Soon, the second stage of construction is to start. We’re grateful to all the existing and future residents for their trust and we are confident that the project will continue to be successful".

The area of the residential complex is 70,000 square meters, of which 23 000 square meters will be a green area allows residents a lifestyle different from most in Tbilisi. 23 residential blocks will comprise 1772 flats. There are 3 swimming pools, 4 basketball courts, 4 outdoor fitness areas, 4 playgrounds, 7 pergolas, indoor fitness center, walking and running tracks, commercial facilities, social terraces, a kindergarten and a school.

Green Diamond is a three-stage project. At the first stage, all 731 apartments have been sold and will be available in May 2018. Soon, the second stage will begin, followed by the third. The second stage includes two high-rise building with 244 fully renovated units from 31-250 sq.m with 26 commercials that will fulfill residents’ daily needs, including shops, markets, café, restaurant, pharmacy, bank, beauty salon, etc. The complex is all set to be a unique and marvelous feature in the city of Tbilisi.


07 September 2017 18:53