Euronews Reports about Georgia’s Black Sea City Batumi

Popular media outlet Euronews has dedicated a story to Georgia’s Black Sea City Batumi, saying it is Georgia’s third largest city and the capital of the autonomous Ajara region. 

“Its relentless 10-year urban transformation has helped turn the city into one of the Black Sea’s top attractions,” the article reads.

Euronews says that Batumi Boulevard is the life and soul of the city, adding it fronts the main beach, and stretches 8 kilometers along the coast.

“Europe Square shows the new face of old Batumi. It was named after Ajara joined the Assembly of European Regions. It consists of renovated belle époque buildings, and new ones in similar style,” the article reads.

The program about Batumi was made within the scope of a media tour organized by the Department of Tourism of Adjara.

The Euronews crew visited the region in the summer, during the active tourist season, and the news agency also published another program about the Black Sea Jazz festival.

The Head of the Department of Adjara Tourism, Sulkhan Ghlonti, said that many media publications have been published about Batumi, nothing that the video clip about Batumi is being shown by the BBC too.

“We have prepared some special promotional material about our city. Accordingly, in more than 200 countries, including our target countries, people get acquainted with our tourism potential and it raises awareness about Georgia and the region,” he added.

By Thea Morrison

07 September 2017 00:21