Day 4: Fire Still Violent in Shavnabada Forest

Fire has already destroyed around 5 hectares of forest at Shavnabada Mountain, Khulo Municipality, Mountainous Adjara.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) reports that around 400 servicemen of the ministry have been sent to the disaster zone.

MIA helicopter is also actively working at the site. As reported, the helicopter from Turkey will also get involved in the fire extinguishing efforts.

The Head of Adjara Government, Zurab Pataradze stated that on Tuesday around 3 kilometer long road was cut to the fire zone. 

“The situation today is better than yesterday. The firefighters, foresters and servicemen are fighting the blaze together,” he stated on Wednesday morning.

At present fire also remains at village Artana, Telavi Municipality, Kakheti Region. Manpower and three helicopters are working there.

Fire in Khulo and Artana started on Saturday.

By Thea Morrison


06 September 2017 09:54