Turkey to Assist Georgia in Shavnabada Fire Liquidation Works

A helicopter from Turkey is expected to get involved in fire-extinguishing efforts from the afternoon in the forest of Shavnabada Mountain, Khulo Municipality, Mountainous Adjara.

The information was released by the Head of Adjara Government, Zurab Pataradze.

At present there are four fire pockets on the mountain and only one Georgian helicopter is working at the site at present.

Pataradze said that around 500 firefighters are mobilized on the ground and everything is done to timely put out the fire.

“The weather is good, which allows us to effectively combat the fire. During the night, several units of heavy equipment have been sent to the forest to cut the roads to the fire zone. This means that fire engines will be able to reach the fire pockets and extinguish them,” the Head of Adjara Government stated.

Fire erupted on Shavnabada Mountain two days ago.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: kvira.ge

05 September 2017 12:00