Georgian Wine Named Among 15 Best Rosé Wines in the World

In a recent article published by Conde Nast Traveller, Georgian 2015 Pheasant’s Tears Takveri Rosé is named among the 15 best Rosé wines, based on the choice of sommeliers from around the world. 

“Hailing from a country with 8,000 years of vitis vinifera history-and still producing 525 indigenous grape varieties- it’s safe to say that this is the oldest rosé you’ll ever try,” the article quotes Samantha Payne, Australian Sommelier and wine writer. 

“Takveri, when made into rosé, has a balsamic strawberries-and-sage character running through the palate” she says, recommending it to red wine lovers “when it’s too hot outside to drink red wine.” 

2015 Mahana Pinot Noir Rosé, from New Zealand, 2016 Pittnauer, Rose from Austria, 2016 Schlossgurt Diel Rosé “Rose Del Diel” Pinot Noir, (Germany), 2016 Chateau Musar Jeune Rosé from Lebanon, are just a few also named among the 15 best Rosé wines named. 

Rosé wine popularity has increased significantly; as the article states, sales doubled last year alone, reaching 258 million USD, which according to the article and as experts note could be due to its rising popularity among the millennials today. 

“While French Rosé is still the most popular, nowadays, some of the best rosé wines are made outside of France.” it says, giving a list of the 15 best rose wines from around the world. 

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By Nino Gugunishvili

30 August 2017 11:59